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Bespoke Contact Lenses London

The very best contact lens care

Do you want a contact lens service that you can always trust to get it right? Our expert team are highly trained in both the prescribing and dispensing of contact lenses, giving you the confidence to go ahead and take the plunge. For expert help choosing your next pair of glasses, arrange an appointment by calling 020 7607 2087.

Lenses that are right for you

Our in-depth assessments not only check your suitability, but also take into account your lifestyle and your needs, tailoring your lenses perfectly to suit you. If you play sports or socialise, then you need great vision without any inconvenience, and as an independent optometrists we can find your perfect contact lenses from our extensively selective range.

Change your life today

Contact lenses could be the solution that you need to suit your lifestyle and may just change the way that you live your everyday life. Glasses may help your vision but they are not always practical for a busy lifestyle.

Come in a talk to our optometrist today to see if we can change the way you live your life today. From single vision contact lenses to multifocal Contact lenses. Or why not tailor make them to your individualised prescription for great vision.

Service that shines

Whether you require daily disposables or monthly wear lenses, we not only find your perfect pair but we take the time to show you how to apply and care for them properly. We want your vision to remain perfect so we take the time to give you the proper aftercare. Book a contact lens assessment today, and take that first step to carefree vision.